FRSN collection is the classical example of the exclusive Made in Bologna craftsmanship, the historical capital of women’s shoes.
Not only tradition and craftsmanship: FRSN shoes are innovative, with a sparkle of a young and sophisticated creativity.
Thanks to the attention to details and a deep craftsmanship knowledge, together with a sharp eye on the last trends, FRSN shoes become masterpieces.


An accessory is only something which enriches someone’s look. Shoes, instead, are of vital importance.
They can tell many things about us: where we’re going, who we are about to meet or how we’re feeling that day.


The inventiveness and peculiarity of the spherical heel layer, first in its genre.
The smartness and elegance of the heels, given primarily to the stiletto, together with the accentuated curved shape, give importance to women’s legs, not forgetting the details of the ankle and the instep.
FRSN shoes are a tribute to women’s beauty and sensuality.
Be a protagonist, not an accessory. Like FRSN shoes become center of a woman’s look.


Each and every one of shoes has a story and they have been taken care of to the finest detail: from the lining to the sewing.
Everything is thought to make whoever wears them an icon.


Bologna is a cosmopolitan and modern city where arts can grow under the influence of many various inputs.
Federico Frison was born and grown breathing fashion. He learned from his idols and teachers, catching the most beautiful details and peculiarities of their creations. He managed to make them his own filtered through his talent and esthetic taste.
The interest for women’s shoes has always been with him since the very beginning, being the driver for his professional decisions.