About the shoes

“Luxury is not for wealthy people, luxury is for those who have style.”


The maison aims at celebrating both feminine beauty in all its forms and the love for ourselves.
As an aesthete, I believe beauty is not only about a woman’s physical appearance, but mostly it depends on how she acts towards others, and mainly to herself.
Her beauty blooms from here, from when she starts accepting herself for who she really is and starts respecting her inner self.

Stylistically, I was inspired by the bolognese shoe-design tradition, though I added my sparkling and sometimes unconventional creativity.
I see this models as artworks, showing taste for elegant and fine details giving character to a shoe with a simple and sophisticated curve, but making it unique and unforgettable.
Each and every one of them has a story and they have been taken care of to the finest detail: from the lining to the sewing. Everything is thought to make whoever wears them an icon.

Be the star, not an accessory.
Like FRSN shoes are. They want to be the pivotal element which a woman’s total-look goes around.
An accessory is only something which enriches someone’s look. Shoes, instead, are of vital importance. They can tell many things about us: where we’re going, who we are about to meet or how we’re feeling that day.
Each woman has her own personality, and my shoes are exactly the same.
They want to make our style stand out every day everywhere we take them!

About federico frison

“Putting a limit to our chances is the only real limit we have.”


My name is Federico Frison, and I am from Bologna, a city I love and in which I really do believe in, that grows every day a little more. Art and modernism characterize this city, intertwined together with tradition, something we bolegnese people truly care about.

My personal career in this fascinating world has started by printing heel’s top pieces, this is the reason why they became the distinguishing mark of my brand. One day, while playing with combinations of new ideas, all of a sudden it was born, my DROP top piece.
My maison.

I have always lived surrounded by this environment thanks to my dad, but mostly thanks to my grandad who has first brought this passion for shoes in our lives.
Thanks to them and to my studies, I have the chance to bring together my technical and stylistic skills so that I can follow my creations along all the steps, from the design to the production.